Marcia Reagan E-RYT

Soul Mender

Soul Mending is a unique blend of healing, medical intuition, mediumship, and past life reading.  The appointment is truly a journey into yourself for further understanding of your soul, and your journey.  People report a renewed sense of direction and purpose in their life, sense of calm, decreased physical pain, cessation or decrease in fears and phobias, & connection to their purpose. 


Appointments Available:

  • In-depth Soul Mending
  • Soul Mending Light
  • Classic Eastern Healing
  • Child Healing
  • Pet Healing
  • Home Reading
  • Clearings
  • Group Readings

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There are so many types of healing and intuitive sessions out here, and each has its own benefits. But when it comes to choosing a session that best serves your soul, how do you choose? How do you decide what you need to empower, inspire, and elevate you to new heights?  You can opt to experiment, spending time and money on all types of services and sessions until you find the one that clicks for you. Or, you can book a session with a powerhouse practitioner who effortlessly tunes in to what you need the most, and delivers the precise healing and messages that you need.

These sessions are unlike anything you have experienced before. They are a blend of healing, psychic readings, energy scans, past life readings, medical intuition, and diagnosis of where energy is clinging to you, keeping you from feeling clear and light. Energetic entanglements that keep you anchored to your current state of discomfort are released and dispelled. Remnants of past lives that are miring you in the same patterns are released, allowing you to move forward and embrace a new path. It’s a full soul renovation.

Marcia radiates an aura of wisdom and practicality when it comes to healing. Caring and deeply invested in her work, she also cuts to the core of the problem quickly and efficiently. She is fully “on,” from the second you sit down to the session having connected with your energy before you even speak. Every hit of information is an “a-ha” moment.

It’s rare to discover someone who is so pure when it comes to providing metaphysical insights. Marcia stays completely detached from her ego as she reads you; she is fully focused on you, and your transformation. Despite her formidable powers as a practitioner, she is unfailingly relatable and comforting, providing a safe space for you to be your authentic self, without any fear of judgment.

We so often lack the ability to connect the energetic and the physical. Yet, spiritual and energetic dysfunction can create profound disturbances in our daily lives. Physical pain, mental distortions, disease states, attracting the same energetic and spiritual patterns replaying in your life. Release the connection, and these situations can resolve quite dramatically.

Marcia is a healer’s healer. Yes, she has the ability to clean and balance the energy of those who are healers by occupation, but she also specializes in “fixing the fixers.” The fixers are the ones out there holding it together for everyone else. The people who are sacrificing their own well-being to make everyone around them happy. The people who are taking on all the responsibility to keep things running, even as they wear themselves down to debilitating exhaustion. Marcia has the unique ability to heal not just you, but the energy of the people around you as well.

When you know that your life isn’t what it should be, but you don’t know what you need to fix it…you need this.


Client Testamonials:

"My sessions with Marcia are deeply peaceful and healing. They always diminished my body pain.
Marcia is a profoundly gifted healer. Her warm, caring and gentle manner makes it very easy for one to "let go".  She has a very big and unique awareness and connection to the energy and the work- and this loftily deepens the experience. She also has a large body of conventional training and experience and this too is felt as she shares her wisdom and intelligence during care." -- Pat

I am feeling very uplifted and refreshed. I never fully connected with myself until now. There is more purpose in my life.  I feel a sense of happiness I’ve never experienced before. I’ve had so many questions about who I am and where I am going in my life.  My session has answered those questions in a sense that they have given me meaning.  Thank you for your wisdom and kind words in helping me find my journey.

"I started seeing Marcia over a year ago hoping that she could help me overcome my nagging back-ache. My first visit with Marcia was truly remarkable.  As she was “working her magic,” I could feel sensations in various limbs and in my back, and the discomfort that plagued me started to ease.  I have continued with monthly sessions as I have enjoyed a general sense of well-being along with the reduction/elimination in body discomfort.  I do not profess to understand what she does, but I usually drop into a sort of meditative state during our session, and feel refreshed and renewed when it is over. Marcia is a gentle and skilled practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients." -- Sherri