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About Marcia Reagan



I grew up in central New York my fondest memories are gardening with my Grandmother & living simply and cleanly.  I spent time in India in college that changed the trajectory of my life.  I experienced the divine within this world in a quiet town in the Himalayas.  After this experience I decided to follow my heart and studied Art Therapy and I had a rewarding clinical practice for ten years.  I loved my clients and the important life transforming work we did.  During this time I had a vital yoga practice that was a huge part of my daily life.  I was growing and decided again to follow my heart & inner wisdom and obtain my Yoga Teacher Registration.  I visited the Sikh Ashram in Millis, Ma and met Guru Dev Singh.  He was a powerful yet gentle man who deeply impacted my view of healing.  His knowledge of Sat Nam Rasayan tm is intoxicating.  I again had a divine experience within this world but this time I was able to return to it as desired through the healing practice.  I started seriously learning and practicing this yogic healing technique called Sat Nam Rasayan ™.   I am now able to share this experience with my clients, many who also report this feeling of divinity.  My journey continued to unfold teaching at many yoga studios,  owning my own wellness center with a yoga studio, and now my herbalist practice.  I loved the work and allowed myself to again grow and transform.  Throughout my life I have been able to feel what others feel, can sense others who have crossed around me and others, but kept this quiet within myself.  I now see this as a gift and share with my remote healing clients.  The knowledge of illness, unease, and psychic knowing is shared with my client.  It was during this time in the pandemic that my abilities attuned, once again.  What used to be glimpses of different times are now full images and stories of past lives lived.  All sessions are now remote.

I have lived with a chronic illness, Lupus, most of my life.  It is the reason for my now favorite part of my life, making herbal infusions and skincare.   One day I developed a rash on my face and I needed a product to heal it.  I was prescribed a chemotherapy cream.  I used it and my face felt as if it were burning off.  I refused to touch it again.  I purchased several natural and organic salves they soothed but did not heal my poor sensitive rash.  I decided to make something myself.  I went back to my roots and started to study and research.  I had several versions of a skin soothing salve, now called Eczema & Psoriasis Cream.  It worked and I needed a face cream and I was leary about putting anything on my face so added some of the herbs to the formula and it is now my best selling product, Glow Face Cream.    
          Now, I have a mentor in herbalism and am a folk herbalist.  I am completely amazed at the ability to balance our skin through the use of herbs.  My products are made by me in small batches with my energy and healing in every jar, bottle, or tin.  I love what I do.  
I am thrilled that so many people love my products as much as I enjoy making them.  I hope you do too.