You Made it through the Holidays

You made it through the holidays.  If you were hosting you know that's no small feat.  The holidays are filled with "to do" lists longer than a CVS receipt, cooking & baking non stop, wrapping, decorating, and a million other tiny details that can make the holidays magical.  My house was a glorious magical winter wonderland with two trees, tomtes on the mantle, (yeah bet you google that but see picture below), cookies at the ready all season, gifts done with grosgrain and wire ribbon, and this year newly embroidered napkins.  I love to decorate and sit back and enjoy our efforts for the entire month.  This year we received thank you cards that truly showed the efforts are appreciated and help our guests feel special and the holiday a time treasured.  We are after all making memories.
             When the day is done, the napkins spinning in the washer, the dishes placed back in the cabinet, the paper in the trash it can be a bit of a let down and a whole lot of relief.  But for many many people, like if you are alive, it is also the time when we remember the times past, the people no longer with us, and the changes we have gone through.  The holidays are the time of year our emotions are amplified.  All loss is palpable.  Taking down my ornaments this year I had a few tears taking down my grandmother's remembrance angel.  I remembered how she made things so special for me and the family and remembered my father the feelings were mixed with grief.  It only lasted a moment and passed.  It surprised me.  Grief can be that way strikes out of no where when least expected.  Gram, Bubbles, (Grandma Buddle was hard to say so Bubbles stuck)  died nine years ago plenty of time gone to heal my father fifteen.  But grief is a strange fellow.  He pops up from time to time when least expected.  If you are experiencing the post holidays blues, or unexpected grief,  know you are not alone.   Feel the feels then let them pass.  Reach out to a friend or a therapist if it's not passing quickly or if it is turning to depression.  Self care like crazy!  You are not alone, you will get through this, and it's completely normal to be emotional this time of year.   

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