Witnessing--hearing without judgement

 I'm not sure where the summer went although I know it was the hottest I can remember, although lately I have my own internal furnace so maybe it's just me?  So here it is time to make products like crazy so my clients & customers can have organic healthy products for Christmas & holiday gifts.  I'm working like crazy in the kitchen emulsifying, whipping, and otherwise jamming to my music or listening to NPR or BBC through Alexa.  Alexa is my new full time employee, she never complains, although she has trouble understanding me sometimes. She has a tendency to randomly inform me of the current weather conditions, or my favorite that "mercury is the smallest planet in the known solar system."  Seems pretty irrelevant but thanks for letting me know Alexa.  
        Holiday events were actually booked as far back as a year ago.  But my schedule although booked often 3-4 months in advance is in constant flux, not unlike yours undoubtedly.  I've been feeling a little angst, so yesterday I organized all of my products, cleaned the shelves, & took inventory of things, energy, & my own being.  The spinning that can happen from just living can feel overwhelming at times.  After stopping & doing my mental inventory I stopped the spinning--most of it anyway.  I found I can tuck all the things that are important to me into my life.  One of those things is you!
          I have started devoting more time to meditating, yoga, & sending & devoting more energy to my healing & ear candling clients.  Your healing doesn't end when your session is over.  Healing is a balance of observation, nurturing, checking in, & prompting.  (for lack of a better word right now) I hope I am a witness & partner on your journey.  This happens with ear candling as well.  The sessions are lengthy and we can--but not always--delve into deep feelings, or issues during the time.  I try to build a safe & nurturing place to be.  What I have noticed over the past month is a shift in the universal vibration.  You may be feeling a little more emotional.  This is normal.  It means you have tuned into the larger picture.  Feel those feelings and self-care like crazy.  Call or text if you just need a little support.  I'm here for that too.  The power of having a witness in your life is extraordinary.  

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