Winter Blahs

You know the winter blues are a real thing.  The time between Thanksgiving and New Year are filled with activity.  When all of the busy-ness and jolly, or not, & merriment are finished we are left with the emotions we were perhaps too busy to feel, or pushed away.  Losses are amplified at this time.  Those who aren't with us feel even further away when we sit around the tree or table.  The holidays amplify all of our family dynamic issues and this often doesn't feel very good.  Nerves can run a little hotter from being tired, seeing people you may or may not want to see, or just because it's ALOT.   The holidays are full on maximum effort, for many of us.  Christmas and the holidays can feel extreme.
               I love the holidays.  I also dread them.  Yes those two opposing forces can exist together, and they often do.  We had three Reagan Christmas's.  THREE.  I enjoyed all three of them but by the end felt nauseated I was so drained and exhausted.  My husband agreed three Christmas celebrations may be too many, especially with travel involved.  I have bounced back, kind of, still tired and taking this lesson with me for next year.  For many of us by mid January any sadness, blues, grief, or full on depression* will be in full swing.  Sadness doesn't necessarily look like sad, instead, it can be angry, guilty, tired, cranky, or just plain make you feel off.  
                 Observing how you feel is the first step in getting to the root of the feeling.  The only way to move beyond the crappiness is to feel the feeling.  Pushing away feelings in whatever way you do to avoid will only lead to layers of sadness/anger, etc.  So if you're feeling the winter blahs dive in.  Acknowledge what you're feeling and pick it apart.  Talk with a friend or a therapist and get the validation and have a witness to your pain.  Then feel it more.  Feel it until there's nothing left but a new feeling.  It's hard--some of the hardest work there is, but also rewarding.
                     I hope you are feeling other than "blah" but if you are you're not alone.  Self care like crazy!!!  Eat, drink, and move as healthfully as you are able.  Reach out to friends.  Before you know it January will turn into March and March to June.  This too shall pass.  

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.“
Theodore Roosevelt

*    Clinical depression is nothing to fool around with.   It's a medical condition that needs professional treatment.  Don't go it alone.  If you aren't sure where to start call your primary care doctor and make an appointment.  They have referrals and can start the ball rolling for you.  Your health insurance company can  send you a list of qualified therapists in your area.  If you feel like you may harm yourself, feel impulsive, or are scared about your feelings call 911 or just go to your local emergency room.  There are professionals who can help you and help you begin to heal.  If you wish to add other holistic approaches go for it but please know this isn't any different than a heart, liver, or other brain illness.  

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