The hippie baby

Here at Healthy Home and Heart the kitchen is never resting.  The double boiler is in constant use and the types of oils in the pantry have tripled.  Needless to say I am feeling the effects of quick success.  The creative hat has turned into the creative apron.  I anxiously await my new custom apron from another Etsy artist who understands what it's like living day to day in your apron.  It's an extension of my creative process, it's also a great tool to have to know when the day is done.  The moment the apron comes off I am off duty.  Sticking to this ritual is helping me shut down for the night, a challenge for anyone working from home.  

My product inventory has just about doubled since I last wrote.  The amount of product and the variety. I am launching my new line of Baby & Mama products, "The Hippie Baby". They are more than just natural or organic baby alternatives, but real labor of the earth products.  I just completed a new Diaper Rash Cream.  Can't wait to get it on a little bottom.  

My full transition to healing products is complete.  I passed the learning curve and can now tell by texture of a melted vat of product what the consistency will be once set.  I still spill on occasion, still forget to order another bottle of lavender, but for the most part have a true rhythm.  I feel now my products have a real identity and a style about them.  Blends of herbs, flowers, essential oils, clays, and now tinctures.  Research is still exciting and unending.  I know I'm not recreating the wheel but I definitely am creating a brand and hopefully a following. 

A couple months ago I had an interview with a "place" in Boston.  Honestly I kept waiting for them to ask for money.  I have had way too many scam e-mails, calls, inquiries to count and just figured this was the same.  It was not!  I am very happy with how HHH and I am portrayed.  If you would like to read the article click the button for the link below. 

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