Soul Mending the Evolution of Healing


Kintsugi: The ancient Japanese art of repairing pottery with gold.  Like us, the bowl becomes more beautiful when we embrace its history, quirks, & changes.


Living through and in the midst of a pandemic is, hopefully, a once-in-a-lifetime event.  The continuing seemingly unending carousel of masking, isolating, social distancing, cooking, baking, covid testing, covid quarantining, & plan changing.  No fun.  Devastating if you get seriously ill, and of course if you've lost or had family or friends affected.  This drastic pivot we all made out of necessity has had some unintended life altering effects--that could bring more joy to our lives.  I hope this is the case for you.  

I was able to spend much more time with my husband, Tom.  We enjoyed each other's company.  There were a few hairy moments since Tom does not sit still, his happy place is being busy.  He fixed some things that weren't broken, broke some things, and otherwise figured out he needed to stop the tinkering.  There were many laughs and a few frustrations.  The electrician was called.  We were happy that "retirement" lite was such a success.  I was not on vacation of course.  I worked so hard and pivoted more times than I can count.  It was devastating to my business, but recoverable.  I found that isolating for me, although a bit lonely and boring, cleared my energy beautifully.

I am an empath and not being around people meant I was only carrying my own and my family's feelings.  I meditated more, felt more grounded, and discovered my healing abilities changed.  Within the year I could see through the veil & through and into the time line.  It was an incredible experience and for a few months I had to figure out what to do with this new gift.  As a healer I do not hold any dogma, or belief system, so I needed to see if blending this new gift into healing was appropriate.  It was during meditation and while healing I realized this was not a choice, this was evolution.  

Now all Soul Mending sessions are remote.  You receive the same healing as before the pandemic, but now you receive boundless information about your soul's history and contact with the energies around you who help you on your journey.  You still have the congestions (blocks) moved throughout your body similar to the effects of acupuncture, but without needles.  Something else that happened is since you are healing in your environment sense the energy in your space.  I can now completely connect with you and give information pertinent to you in all dimensions of your life.  It really is incredible.  There is so much information that about a week following your healing I tune in again to our session and your energy and complete a write up of what information is given to you.  I always receive more specific information during that time.  

This is my gift, it is my calling, and I know when I connect with you there is purpose and a plan.  Being with my clients during this time is an honor.  I hope to reach more people to help, heal, & clarify.  Below is a description of what I do thanks to Marisa, a gifted writer and healer herself.  The full write up or to Book your appointment visit the healing services page of the website.  

These sessions are unlike anything you have experienced before. They are a blend of healing, psychic readings, energy scans, past life readings, medical intuition, and diagnosis of where energy is clinging to you, keeping you from feeling clear and light. Energetic entanglements that keep you anchored to your current state of discomfort are released and dispelled. Remnants of past lives that are miring you in the same patterns are released, allowing you to move forward and embrace a new path. It’s a full soul renovation.





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