My new Obsession

Turns out making Bath, Body, and some home products is addicting.  Who knew?  It is very similar to home renovating, you decide to tackle one project and suddenly at least three more projects pop up.  The obsession started with my homemade muscle rub and my double boiler.  I felt this surge of energy from taking these few raw ingredients and combining them into this magical salve.  I felt like a DIY queen.  Seriously I felt like a five year old after they learn to tie their shoes.  Once I had mastered adding the correct amount of beeswax to an oil to make my favorite texture for a salve I was done for.  It wasn't long until the stand mixer, eight other bowls (I'm not exaggerating), and my entire kitchen was one giant oil, beeswax, essential oil factory.  I wash my double boiler no less than three times daily, minus today, today I write.  

I have boxes of salves, creams, whipped body butter, baby & body powders, car fresheners, bath bombs, and more recipes and ideas swimming around my head.  I cannot stop.  I had an order arrive from Bulk Apothecary that was ridiculous.  I was almost embarrassed, and could almost not get into my house.  I've started infusing oils for healing remedies, I'm working on a plan for the medicinal garden in back, and I have learned to make a salve in the middle of meal prep.  Yeah I'm that good.  Blahaha...Still wearing my crown as you can see.  I love my new job.  

The only part about this job that is just a little scary is the reality that I need to find my customers?  It's like being an artist and launching your gallery show.  The very act of taking something you love and  pouring  your heart and soul into (believe me I've done that) and then hearing a loud silence is a real fear.  But I think it's just a fear.  I really am a train.  I know that I have a gift for healing, creating, and in general caring enough for people to have this succeed.  I don't want to sell a cream I want to have that cream do something just a little wonderful for them.  ​(hey buy a cream....or some powder....or a bath bomb)

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