Life is Sweet

I really needed this vacation.  It was a long summer between Farmer's Markets and family responsibilities.  Twice a year we stay in Stowe, Vermont, our home away from home.  One of my favorite parts of the trip is the Sunday Stowe Farmers Market. I love this particular market. They have several meat vendors, fruit, vegetables, maple & Birch Liquors, ice cream, artisans, and a garden/herbalist.  I met a great vendor who sells plants a couple seasons ago, but we were never able to make it to the farm.  This vacation we carved out some time from our beautiful week to visit, Arcana in Jericho, VT, they sell Organic Pereninials & Herbs.  Basically my heaven.  It was also half price because of the season so I was glad I waited until the fall to purchase new babies for my medicinal herb garden.  You can see from the photos how fortunate for weather we were and how excited I am for plants.  I spent so much time this spring and summer my little garden has taken a back seat.  Now I can do a little more care in placing and picking new herbs for the salves & balms.  Fortunately the garden doesn't really care because most medicinal herbs are really weeds.  They do well being neglected.   This week the plants get a little more care. 
Part of my reason for finding this nursery was to find an Elderberry Bush.  It turns out they need more moisture than I realized so I probably will give up on it while we live in MA (our notoriously sandy soil is not conducive for water loving plants).  However while bonding with another hippie who makes her own salves, etc. I was inspired to now add an Elderberry Syrup to my list of healing products.  

Elderberries are a beautiful little red-purply berry used forever (well maybe not forever but a really long time) for fighting off colds & flu during the fall and winter. Echinacea has a larger than life reputation for aiding in cold recovery but elderberry is the winner in my book.  Elderberry actually keeps you from getting those nasty virus!    Elderberry syrup is always in my refrigerator.  Honestly it's delicious.  It can easily be added to your bar for a mixer, or on ice cream or on a bread or cake.  Your littles will not one bit feel like they are taking something yucky.  Take a tea or tablespoon a day if you actually do get ill increase it to three.  Chances are you won't get sick.  Really it's that good.  Elderberry is also used for HIV/AIDS, and boosting the immune system.  It is also used for sinus pain, back and leg pain (sciatica), nerve pain (neuralgia), and chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS) . I have also used it successfully for stubborn hay fever induced asthma.  Seriously all this from a little berry.  I make my syrup this week & will be adding a little extra for people with auto-immune issues.  

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