July 30th, 2019

 I don't know about you but as I get older it just gets harder to self-regulate my body temperature.   I've not been quite myself the last couple weeks in this super hot weather.  I've been doing the:  
  • limited caffeine 
  • no alcohol
  • no hot showers
  • moderating inside temperatures (normal temps no super cold AC)
  • taking my walks in the morning
  • time at friends' pools
Guess what?  No change.  I suppose I'm healthier but I sure am a lot grumpier.  The alcohol wasn't as difficult but it's the thing I miss the most.  I love a really great glass of wine with dinner.  Turns out once I gave it up I can't go back to it.  I feel lousy after a glass so that's that.  So that's probably a good reason to stay away from it...but I still miss it.  I've decided this is where my body is so I might as well hang on for the ride. 
               It's going okay, and by okay I mean the cats and my husband give me a little more space and the meal prep has decreased in time.  I hit my limit with the unrelenting heat and just cleared a weekend of shows because I was pretty sure I might catch on fire under that tent.  Really pretty sure.  I've rested.  I've watched Netflix.  I've done almost nothing.  Really nothing.  (well I did start cooking dinner and check email but limited productivity) I reevaluated my need to be productive and the cost to my health and wellbeing.  I see the lesson in the changes that come with age, seasons, and the growth of my business.  Taking time to self care isn't  always massage and a nap, sometimes it's annoying and uncomfortable--maybe even not very pretty, but the reward can be just as great.  I slowed down had a beautiful weekend.  I was able to identify some areas in myself and my business that need attention---umm and my house.   The thing about being productive is you can get a false sense of accomplishment but lets face it dinner isn't going to fix itself and how successful are you when you're too tired to eat.  I had to face this and adjust.  It was courageous of me to confront myself about my schedule and limits, but it took a bit of work to get there.  
                    Next time you feel yourself pushed to your edge at work, home, emotionally, wherever remember taking self-care time isn't always about rest.  Sometimes it's about changing your perspective (for me working inside), having a mental health day off, or facing an uncomfortable conversation.   Be Courageous with yourself and allow yourself the vulnerability of clearing the day or addressing a relationship.  I'm glad I let myself take a couple days to regroup, refocus, and have a good look at myself.   

PS part of that taking a beat is not obsessing if my blog is perfect!!!!!!!

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