I Made a Mistake!



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I made a mistake. It’s embarrassing and I’m more than a little surprised I did it.  

This past week,  I was making my face cream -- a product I could just about make in my sleep.  From timing to cooling to whipping -- You name it, I know it. I could tell something wasn't right, but I followed the formula anyway. I retraced my steps, consulted my recipe and all labels. The problem wasn't my formula or method. The mistake? It's the most precious part of the process: I ignored my intuition.  

I'm very tuned into my instinct and senses, so how did I make this big mistake?  The short answer is that I'm human. The longer, humbler version is that I ignored my intuition not just once, or twice, but over and over!  I continued to whip, chill, and even jar and make samples of my beloved face cream.  In the end, it was lovely but unstable. If I had stopped and listened to that voice in my head that said, "This ain't right" when I opened that new bin of wonky shea butter, I could have avoided the mess, the extra work, and feeling foolish. 

My gift in this world is being an expert in knowing, a highly attuned skill at not just being intuitive but legit KNOWING things others may not.  For goodness sake, I can sit down with you and know your past, where in your body you hurt, and how that affects you today.  I let my history take precedence over my biggest gift.  I chose to follow the formula and trudge ahead. It had always worked in the past, hadn't it?  

Once I sat and reflected, I realized how often in life this happens. I have ignored that inner voice before and I know you have as well because you are only human, too.  

Do you think "X" is the formula for success, wealth, health, or wellbeing?  

Are you ignoring your own intuition about something in your life?  

Is your job fulfilling? 

Are you genuinely content or fulfilled in every part of your life?  

Is something feeling unstable, but you don't know what? 

Do you listen to that voice that answers 'no' or do you follow the formula like most -- get up, go to work, exercise (or don't) go home, eat, repeat -- repeat until burn-out? Hopefully, you can get your mojo back on your standard two-week vacation or staycation!  This is the basic formula in our part of the modern world. For any small annoyances that happen (and they always do), we pop antacids, take painkillers, or self-medicate for a multitude of ailments when doctors cannot explain them, if we can take time to consult them at all.  

When I see someone for Soul Mending the one consistent thing that brings relief to whoever and whatever is hurting or creating suffering is the connection to that intuition.  When I visit the past life connected within the body, a switch is flipped.  It is magical.  Sometimes it's an instant response.  Sometimes it can take a month or more for full processing, but once it starts, it is progressive.  It wasn’t until the pandemic that I allowed my gift, my intuition, to flourish.  I went within and the information has kept coming.  

My mistake making the face cream this week is another reminder. The answer is always inside. It isn’t in the formula. 

I know you have a gut feeling, a knowing, an intuition that is speaking to you.   If you are ready to put your formula aside and go deeper into this connection click below.  


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