Fa la la la la I caught a cold.....

 I can't wait to decorate my house for the holidays.  It's my favorite part of the holidays.  I would love it if I could stop time and get a bunch of things done and sit back and enjoy.  Alas I don't have any supernatural abilities.  So instead I stream line some holiday prepping so I can have more merriment. 
List of Ways I'm saving some time to enjoy the holidays a little more:
  • I went to address labels instead of hand writing my cards
  • preordering some food
  • ordered most gifts on-line on cyber monday
  • bought wrapping paper early to wrap as things come in
  • worry less about how clean and dusty my house is
  • don't get sick
  • forget about the plan and just wing it

       Honestly it was going pretty well.  Then I got a cold.  I worked too many weekends in a row and as expected ended up with a bug.  Feeling pretty lousy--and you know my immune system struggles-- so I'm Elderberry-ing like crazy but ultimately rest is a necessity.  So instead of wrapping a couple gifts I'm sitting here reaching out to tell you let it go.  Let go of the plans, lists, and ways we try to organize these chaotic, crazy, life filled days.  Do the best you can and remember the best sometimes is lazy day switching over the laundry sniffling and figuring out a simple meal for dinner.   On a side note I did discover my new Orange lip balm is excellent at relieving a red painful nose.  So all is not lost.  

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