Earthing & Rajah the Wonder Cat

Rajah jumped on my back from the counter three feet away. Terrifying perhaps.

I learned about Earthing about 15 years ago. I had a friend who had a cable connected to his bed and I was like what the heck? So he explained in detail about this phenomenon. It's pretty basic. The cord was a regular electrical cord that connects only to the ground in your home. Human beings are meant to connect with the earth and quite literally skin touching the ground. It is a neurological and biological necessity. Apparently, for me, this has been something I have naturally been attracted to. I remember my mom constantly trying to get me to put my shoes on. Sorry Mom. She would run out carrying sneakers while I was running toward the barn (it's really a bad idea to be barefoot in the barn for obvious reasons). I just loved being barefoot and I still do, so it's no big surprise I picked yoga as a profession for some time. BONUS.

Earthing is more popular lately because we are getting more and more disconnected from the planet as a culture and as the population of the planet grows, there is less land to run across or have access to. Fortunately you don't really need a ton of land. You can stand or sit on your lawn for fifteen minutes and that will do the trick. Athletes do this before competition and find it helpful for performance. It's supposed to help with inflammation and in general is just great for our entire being. I recently invested in a couple earthing mats. I haven't found any grand differences in myself but my cat has had a dramatic change in behavior. I love Rajah and many of you follow his antics on social media. He's unlike any cat I've ever had.

Rajah is a rescue Russian Blue. In true Russian Blue fashion he talks to us--and will talk back as if having a conversation. He will do like most cats causing chaos, destruction, feats one would think he wasn't capable of, etc. When we first got him he managed to get up on beams in our family room (yeah really high up) and fell off hurting his leg. We got him treatment right away but he always has had a bit of an attitude ever since. What I mean is he will use biting as a way of communicating anything not to his liking. For example, I don't like that you are not petting me, I don't like how you moved across the room, or in general doesn't like what we hoomans are doing or not doing. Basically he's been a big jerk at times. I've used my CBD, calm spray, changing food, trying not to be so hooman (unsuccessfully), cat chiropractor (yup you heard me), and finally an Earthing mat. Everything helped just a tiny bit, but the earthing mat was the big change. Rajah went from a 10 jerk level to a 4 and sometimes he's even a 0--which is where we are today. I told my friend who has a jerk cat and she had complete success. She bought 3 little mats. She also bought bed mats for the entire family and noticed a big change in her daughter.

I bought a big mat for our bed and a little mat for Rajah's spot on back of the sofa. Today I noticed he was just hanging on the bed upstairs which is out of character. It was clean all the blankets on the sofa day and what did I find? The mat was turned wrong side up. That kitty can tell that it is soothing and feels good. That was a huge deal! I thought to myself I need to share this. I will be buying one soon for my step son who probably hasn't gone barefoot in years!!! All the electronics do the opposite of earthing. If you want to know the details of earthing I'll include the link where I bought my mats. There are many brands of mats but this company was my favorite.
Rajah resting on his earthing mat (under the blanket).  He spends much of his time here, except after his mat was turned upside down.  

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