Baby it's Hot Outside

  If you feel like you're melting you're not alone.  Here in the Northeast we are experiencing a very hot summer.  I cannot remember the last time we had so many 90 degree days.  Some folks love the heat, and I used to be one of them, but those of us who don't feel like we are melting.  Most of us get pretty tired going about our usual business in extreme heat.  This summer when I'm not sweating at the farmers market I'm inside in front of the AC.  I've been a little crankier, a little more inclined to want to sit down, and a whole lot less likely to want to make dinner, despite the AC cooling things down.  So what is a body to do when it's hot outside? First of all give yourself permission to let the grass grow a little taller than you like, opt for a salad with already prepared protein for dinner, and go easy.  With the increase in temperature comes an increase in air pollution, particulate matter, and shorter tempers all around.  Opt for a movie, later dinners outside, trips to the ice cream parlor--always a classic, and lots of fresh lemonade.  Avoid walks in the middle of the day or even at all in extreme heat.  Go easy and play it cool---see what I did there?  It's not rocket science but if you're used to going going going you may want to put on the breaks and lower the gear.  
        Warning signs you need to chill out:  the temperature gauge on your car reads 95+; you're upset at the slightest thing; you cry with the thought of leaving the house; and finally even the beach feels too hot.  In all seriousness there are signs from your body when you are facing heat exhaustion or heat stroke like chills, lethary, dizziness.  If this happens seek cool shelter, hydrate, replenish electroytes, and even seek medical attention.  For the first time in my life I experienced heat exhaustion this summer.  I set up a farmers market in an old naval air base on the tarmac.  I'm not sure who thought the location was a good idea, but anyway, it was a million degrees pretty sure.  I got home and had the chills and was dizzy.  I googled and realized hey this is heat exhaustion.  I took a cool bath in my bath milk, drank some cold water, and ate a banana, and excellent source of electrolytes, and rested.  It took a few hours until the chills passed, and a couple more days until I felt myself.  
      It was kinda scary.  I'm used to working in the heat but three hours on that tarmac was too much.  I cancelled that farmers market until it's cooler and learned my lesson.  Now I'm extra careful about keeping replenishing drinks around and I bring a stool to sit.  So I hope you are taking it easy in the heat and enjoying your hot summer days.  

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