Healing Services

Sat Nam Rasayan™

Healing Services available in the Norwood &

Rockland, MA Areas 

Marcia Reagan E-RYT
Healer, Folk-Herbalist, Owner

Email or call 781-608-5185
First Session $90 1 hr-1.5 hr
​Allow 1 hr $80

Healing through shuniya: The state of stillness
Sat Nam Rasayan™ translated means "deep relaxation in to your True Self". I use a specific state of meditation for this healing called shuniya.  I work with inner sensation, awareness, and light touch to release any congestion and imbalance.  Clients' experience profound states of relaxation and a deeper since of health in all dimensions, mind, body, and subtle body.  Clients report this balancing feels like waves or tingling in the body.  All clients report there isn't any adequate explanation of the healing.  The experience is unique and the only way to understand the healing.  

​Sat Nam Rasayan tm can be relief for all ailments and conditions.   This Healing Art is part of a traditional Eastern Indian system of healing that in its present lineage comes from the tradition of Kundalini Yoga.  In ancient times this kind of knowledge with the teacher in silence and never spoke directly about what was learned.  This system of teaching has been pioneered and perfected by the work of Guru Dev Singh, who studied this art in the traditional way from his Master Yogi Bhajan.  

Why Healing and why this healing?
As we go through life daily activities take a toll on our bodies and our energy.  Sat Nam Rasayan can bring balance back to this system.  Each person has a unique energy signature and I listen to this.  I don't use crystals, spiritual teachings, or anything other than our relationship in the room.  It's a unique and deeply nurturing experience.  The healing is free from connection to religion or any dogma.  
What Clients are Saying:

"My Sat Nam Rasayan ™ sessions with Marcia are deeply peaceful and healing. They always diminished my body pain.
Marcia is a profoundly gifted healer. Her warm, caring and gentle manner makes it very easy for one to "let go".  She has a very big and unique awareness and connection to the energy and the work- and this loftily deepens the experience. She also has a large body of conventional training and experience and this too is felt as she shares her wisdom and intelligence during care." -- Pat

"I started seeing Marcia over a year ago hoping that she could help me overcome my nagging back-ache through Sat Nam Rasayan ™. My first visit with Marcia was truly remarkable.  As she was “working her magic,” I could feel sensations in various limbs and in my back, and the discomfort that plagued me started to ease.  I have continued with monthly sessions as I have enjoyed a general sense of well-being along with the reduction/elimination in body discomfort.  I do not profess to understand what she does, but I usually drop into a sort of meditative state during our session, and feel refreshed and renewed when it is over. Marcia is a gentle and skilled practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients." -- Sherri