Remote Healing Services in the privacy of your home

Marcia Reagan E-RYT

Healer, Medium, Medical Intuitive, Folk-Herbalist
Email or call 781-608-5185

Are you plagued by the same patterns in your life? See the same relationship issues, same physical symptoms that return or never leave, or do you feel stuck in your life? I can help you move through this and forward in your life. I am an empath, yogic healer, have twenty years experience as a therapist, and am a medical and sensory medium.

All healing sessions take place in your space through a phone call or without the phone call if you wish. Each session lasts about an hour and requires you to simply lay comfortably in your home with as little distractions as possible. Included in the treatment is access to mini healings at no cost whenever you need them following your sessions. You may contact me to process, ask questions, or simply discuss your current issues. This is all part of your healing experience.

During a session you can expect to feel very relaxed have a sense of peace, feel tingling, heat or cold, or other sensations in your body. If you wish I can give you information from this life, a past life, or from your guides, loved ones who have crossed, or any information that is revealed during session. It is not necessary that you have this information if this is uncomfortable for you, although most people are comforted and find this helpful. This type of healing requires no belief system and none is used during the healing. If you wish to use your own spiritual beliefs during the session that is also encouraged if it makes you more comfortable. You are completely safe, protected, and surrounded by healing peace.


What Clients are Saying:

"My Sat Nam Rasayan ™ sessions with Marcia are deeply peaceful and healing. They always diminished my body pain.
Marcia is a profoundly gifted healer. Her warm, caring and gentle manner makes it very easy for one to "let go".  She has a very big and unique awareness and connection to the energy and the work- and this loftily deepens the experience. She also has a large body of conventional training and experience and this too is felt as she shares her wisdom and intelligence during care." -- Pat

"I started seeing Marcia over a year ago hoping that she could help me overcome my nagging back-ache through Sat Nam Rasayan ™. My first visit with Marcia was truly remarkable.  As she was “working her magic,” I could feel sensations in various limbs and in my back, and the discomfort that plagued me started to ease.  I have continued with monthly sessions as I have enjoyed a general sense of well-being along with the reduction/elimination in body discomfort.  I do not profess to understand what she does, but I usually drop into a sort of meditative state during our session, and feel refreshed and renewed when it is over. Marcia is a gentle and skilled practitioner who genuinely cares about her clients." -- Sherri